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Mantero Seta



Ailenin sahip olduğu ve işlettiği ipek uzmanı Mantero Seta SpA, kısa süre önce Resilk rejenere kumaşını tanıttı. Fikir, genellikle özel tekstiller isteyen ve kusurlu olanları kabul etmeyen lüks moda markalarından tüketici öncesindeki tükenmez stokları yükseltme ihtiyacından kaynaklanıyordu. Koleksiyonlarında her tür ipek ve jakar bulunmaktadır.

Caffisi S.p.A





Back in 1953 the Cafissi brothers – Francesco, Roero, Paolo, Mario and Umberto – decided to open a small

artisanal textile mill for third parties. During the post-World War II period the Cafissi family was one of the first ones who invested in the textile industry in Tuscany.

Throughout the years of the economic boom Prato was a hectic city and this enthusiasm was the driving force of the Cafissi company’s growth; it thus turned from a small textile mill into an international business within slightly over a decade.



Nowadays Cafissi S.p.A. is a really unique productive and commercial group in Italy, providing the greatest variety of

fabrics for clothing, footwear, accessories and household items available in our country today. Not only imported goods, but also thousands of items that are completely designed and made in Italy. A motto created by the industry professionals goes: 

“If you are thinking of a certain fabric, you will find it at Cafissi’s… and if you don’t, they will make it for you!”



Over the years the growth has not only involved our company, but also our family. The founders passed the baton to the younger generations who manage the different sectors of the company and aim at achieving even more ambitious goals, while always keeping the traditional inspiration and family core values alive, just like in the old days.




The constant focus on the market needs is the starting point and the pillar of our company policy, aiming at the utmost transparency.

Our loyalty towards our customers and suppliers, and their enduring trust in us are at the heart of the longlasting relationship connecting each other.

Our business practices are based on the mutual trust among coworkers, on the maximum willingness and transparency towards our company and all of the interested parties we deal with on a daily basis.




The protection of human health and the respect of the environment are at the heart of our business practices.


To protect people

Always respecting the value of equality, we enhance our staff resources through their personal fulfilment. We thereby contribute to the local communities’ development as well, thus reinforcing the strong connection with our territory.


We are committed to avoiding any form of discrimination in our employment practices, starting from the initial moment of recruitment. The main goal of our employment strategy is to establish lasting relationships, aiming at professional growth and merit recognition.


We ensure freedom of association and the actual exercise of the right to collective bargaining.

We support the abolition of child labour exploitation and forced labour in the field of our sphere of influence along the whole production chain through legal measures and close relations with the local communities.


To protect the environment

In the management of our business activities, we make sustainability-oriented choices:

- our designers develop collections that are richer and richer in recycled fabrics and use natural fibers; 

- we use sustainable and certified packaging for shipments;

- the raw material supply is traced, in full compliance with a rigorous code concerning their origins and processing;

- 100% of the energy supply comes from renewable sources;

- We pursue continuous improvement in any form of environmental impact, by reducing emissions, eliminating wastage and properly managing waste.





Our methods of communication are respectful of human dignity, families and children, in line with our ethical and moral principles. We communicate the features and the origins of our fabrics with full transparency and we aim to encourage a more and more sustainable production.


Our goal is to offer more and more unique products, diversified through innovative research and production processes. After all, what makes our job interesting is the passion for research, the inclination to break the pre-existing paradigms, explore new areas and go beyond the boundaries of traditions.





The collections that have widely contributed to the increase in our sales volume are mainly Megistos®,

confirming Cafissi as a leader in the textile supply available for Delivery Services, and Elle®, proving that the quality of Made in Italy combined with sustainability has turned out to be a successful choice.

Moreover, our sales have increased also thanks to our new collection- PRIMA®- which has brought great satisfaction in the most relevant markets. Lastly, a not insignificant segment of mass distribution customers has led to a remarkable increase in the orders of customized fabrics.


Manifattura DEL PRATO

Del Prato Logo_edited.jpg


Nitelikler çok sayıda elyaf kullanılarak yapılır: yünden rafyaya, ipekten bakire ve naylon gibi suni ve teknik elyaflardan pamuk, keten ve kenevir gibi doğal elyaflara. Bu iplikleri mümkün olan herhangi bir şekilde karıştırmak; kendi jakar makinelerinin kullanımı sayesinde çok çeşitli desenler, tasarımlar, özel yapılar oluşturarak parça boyanmış ve ipliği boyanmış. Üretilen ürünlerin hemen hemen tamamı Lycra'nın tekli veya b-gerdirilmiş şekilde kullanılmasıyla zenginleştirilmiştir.

Lanificio Cipriani 

Lanifico Cipriani Logo.jpeg


Nalya, 1958'den beri gelenek ve Capritex'in yeteneklerine dayanan Leomaster Group'tan 2007 yılında doğmuştur. Erkek giyim için ince kumaş üretiminde yaklaşık 50 yıldan sonra, Leomaster Grubu, eklektik ve ilham verici kumaşları hedefleyen Nalya'ya hayat vermektedir. sadece kadınlarda.

Full Blossom



Tayvan'dan lider bir kumaş tedarikçisi. Büyük markalar için çeşitli kumaşlar ve baskılar.

Leather design & production


London / Mauritius

Mauritius'taki bir aile işletmesinin üretimiyle Londra'da deri giyim tasarımı.

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