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Mono and bi-elastic stretch; technical plain and patterns; high-tech finishes; coated; laminated.   Exclusive use of lycra elastomer.

Mantero Seta



Family owned and operated silk specialist Mantero Seta SpA has recently introduced the Resilk regenerated fabric. The idea stemmed from the need to upcycle pre-consumer deadstock from luxury fashion brands, who often ask for exclusive textiles and would not accept those with flaws.  Their collections include all types of silks and jacquards.

Manifattura DEL PRATO

Del Prato Logo.png


Del Prato is a creative, dynamic and motivated company, founded in 1984 by Maurizio Campani who still manages it with the precious help of his wife Stefania Marinato and his son Matteo Campani.


Specialized in the production of medium-high quality fabrics for outerwear, in carded and worsted wool for the A/W season and Chanel, jacquard, linen and cotton fabrics for the S/S season.


In constant growth thanks to the sensitivity, the attention paid to the quality of production and the availability towards the needs of our customers.

Lanificio Cipriani 

Lanifico Cipriani Logo.jpeg


Lanificio Cipriani was established in Prato immediately after the Second World War (1946), following an idea by Sanzio Cipriani. The factory was located in the city centre, which in those days was the heartbeat of the textile industry in Prato. Through the years Lanificio Cipriani has been evolving in terms of both manufacturing and commercial organization, keeping an original mark on its products. This means fabric collections designed for ladies fashion, with a special regard towards the final cost of goods. During the postwar period items obtained from wool recycling fulfilled the need for saving, as nowadays they meet the requests of large scale retailing. Lanificio Cipriani is now a reality well established in the textile market and strengthened through the years, which has succeded in keeping pace with times and entering national and international markets. At the present the company consists of 32 people, working in different departments.

Full Blossom



A leading fabric supplier from Taiwan. Various fabrics and prints for major brands.

Leather design & production


London / Mauritius

Design of leather clothing in London with production from a family run business in Mauritius.

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